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Miracle Dad
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“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful and truly inspiring Keynote Address that you provided at our Consumer Graduation this year.  It was amazingly fluid and so powerful.  Your message to the graduates to create their own blessings and to be in control of their decisions and destiny was such an important one for them to hear.  We greatly appreciated your willingness to provide the address, and it took on particular meaning since you worked at Abilities, Inc. with Dr. Viscardi and now after these many years, have come back to serve on our Board.”
Jessica Swirsky, NCC, LMHC
President and Chief Operating Officer
Abilities, Inc.

“I know that, like myself, those in attendance found your talk to be extremely inspirational. The many obstacles both structural and professional, which you had to endure during your quest towards fulfilling the goals you had set for yourself, is testimony to your determination to, "never give up."
Your accomplishments in life, your work, and most importantly, your family, speaks volumes of your positive outlook and your desire to never let, "the cards you have been dealt," stand in the way of reaching your goals and aspirations.
A common theme throughout your talk, of never settling but always striving to do better, to improve ourselves, and to live life to its fullest extent are words we can all live by.
Thank you again for making our meeting a huge success.”

Stuart S. Friedman
MPS Executive Director
The Suffolk County Medical Society

“Your ability to convey such an important message of believing in one self, never give up and challenge those barriers placed in front [of] individuals brought out the true meaning of what this event is meant to be.
Your life experience's can be viewed as a true role model for others to follow and for that I am very grateful. The number of emails that I have received to date complimenting you and your family has been extraordinary.”

Evan Latainer
Director Office for the Disabled

“I write to convey to you that I was sincerely inspired by your awesome achievements in the face of'some tremendous obstacles and difficulties which most of us may never encounter in our lifetimes. Your presentation is truly one of hope to the many Americans who may be facing some of the same difficulties you have had.”
James P. Trainor
Clifton Park, NY


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